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We will set up a meeting once in touch with us. If you’re not in town, we can deal via the phone.


Passing of keys

Once discussion of terms is complete, we take over immediately. No wasting time.

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Daily updates

Keep yourself updated from any part of the world with your premium access to our application.

Our Profile

Vishnu Ramanathan
Vishnu Ramanathan
Abirasshiny Pillai
Operations Manager

How do we operate?

We have collaborated our sales with The Big players like Booking.com, Airbnb, Agoda, etc.

We also have invested in a big Channel Manager System to enhance our partner reports, analytic reports, full guest detail report, etc.

How do you join as a partner?

If you have any vacant units within Ipoh no matter Furnished or non-Furnished. We can discuss on the terms on how we can proceed from there.

How do we split the profit?

We charge a certain percentage of profit of total sales minus total expenses every month.
We do not expose percentage here for competition reasons.

Is your unit eligible?

We are open to any units. Once contacted us, we can have a meeting or phone discussion on how we can work together.

Are we reliable and tidy?

So far we have very happy partners who we have been working together with us for years.
You can also search our properties on Online Sites like Booking.com and Agoda for customer reviews.

How long have we been around?

We have been officially active over 2 years now. We have a huge database all around Ipoh.

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